For over 60 years, Project, Inc. has transformed the lives of adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities in the St. Louis area. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we provide job training and long-term dignified employment to help these deserving individuals achieve a dignified, fulfilling, happy life.

By providing jobs instead of handouts, Project, Inc. helps our workers develop important hand assembly and packaging skills, which builds both self-esteem and dignity.

Providing a safe environment also encourages and stimulates positive social interactions for our workers, which is nourished by our caring staff from the moment they arrive each morning until they go home each afternoon.

Our Services

Our certified workers perform important custom hand assembly and packaging work that fulfills important needs for businesses both large and small. From start to finish, each job is managed and supervised by our professional staff to assure our efficient and expert fulfillment of customer needs.

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You can help Project’s certified workers find meaning and a purpose in their lives too! Your charitable financial contribution to Project, Inc. will ensure that this important mission can continue for many years to come.

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