About Us

Project CU, Inc. is an extended employment sheltered workshop incorporated in 1966 with roots going as far back as 1957 when a group of St. Louis parents of adult children with developmental disabilities joined together. This group of caring parents applied for a Federal research and demonstration grant based on a prototype program of a New York vocational rehabilitation facility with the purpose of training their children to work.

In January 1958 the National Advisory Council of the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation approved the proposed project, named OVR Research and Demonstration Project Number 274. Taking the name Project, Inc., it became apparent as time went on that job training alone could not meet the needs of the individuals the program served. As a result, Project, Inc. began an employment program as well, incorporating in 1966 as Project Workshop, Inc.

No charges are made to parents or guardians whose children work at Project CU, Inc., and the developmentally disabled individuals we employ have been determined not capable of working in normal industries under a competitive work situation at the time of their employment. If, after a period of time, a workshop employee is determined to transition to a competitive work situation, he or she is referred for competitive or supported employment to one of the St. Louis area agencies providing that service.

While some workshop employees have transitioned to competitive employment, the majority make Project CU, Inc. their home. Their choice of employer gives them a secure job site, continuous skill development, and ongoing, positive social interaction with their peer group.

Our Facility

Our Project CU, Inc. facilities are top notch. We offer our clients:

  • Clean, modern buildings and warehouse areas
  • Convenient docks for fast loading and unloading, accessible to trailers as large as 13 ft. 6 in. high and 53 ft. long
  • The most commonly needed packaging and assembling equipment
  • Space and capability to use customer provided equipment when required

We are conveniently located near The Hill neighborhood in the Southwest Garden District of St. Louis at 2828 Brannon between Southwest Avenue and Arsenal with easy access to Interstates 44 and 55.

Project CU, Inc. is partially funded by the St. Louis Office for DD Resources and the Productive Living Board.