DVD Insertion

Custom Packaging & Assembly Solutions

Project CU, Inc. has a long history of helping organizations increase manufacturing and sales capacity while reducing payroll, production, and facility costs. Your company can benefit from our solid project experience in quality hand work, fast turn times on critical jobs, and fulfillment.

We can handle jobs from the point of initial problem analysis through fulfillment – or we can handle any part of the job in between! Our long experience in hand finishing diverse tasks is invaluable to our customers. Whether your challenge is growth, cost reduction or just quick turnaround time, we have a solution. The next time a task “doesn’t quite fit” your operation, try us — we’ll fit it into ours!

Solid Expertise

• Inspection and quality assurance services
• Logistics and project management
• Quick turnaround
• Handling and customization of large and small jobs
• Line and process proofing

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Need a quote? We offer free, up front consultations on how to get a job done. We quote firm prices in advance, and hold our prices for 60 days. As long as your job specifications don’t change, your cost won’t change either.

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